gary morisoli
Gary Morisoli

Morisoli Vineyard

The vineyard is located between Niebaum and Manley Lanes, at the base of Mt. Saint John and in the heart of the Rutherford Bench.  This area has a worldwide reputation for growing great Cabernet Sauvignon.  The light, dusty, gravely soil here produces grapes with vibrant flavor and impeccable balance.  The resulting wines express equal parts power and finesse.  An Elyse wine from this vineyard will have great longevity but is also very drinkable when released.  Each year, since 1986, we produce a Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel from this very special place in Napa Valley. Read more about Gary and the history of the Morisoli Vineyard here.

Tietjen Vineyard

Located on Niebaum Lane, in the heart of Napa Valley's Rutherford Bench, this vineyard has been a cornerstone of our program since 1995. The Cabernet Sauvignon from Tietjen vineyard is deeply colored and heavily concentrated.  The finished wine has flavors of ripe cassis, cherry and wild berries.  These massive wines are always very appealing to drink when released, but don't be fooled; they will reward those who age them for another 5 to 10 years when they reach their drinking prime.


Jerry Sears and crew

Black-Sears Vineyard

Located on Howell Mountain, in the eastern range that defines Napa Valley.  Biodynamically farmed, the Black-Sears Vineyard boasts gravely red soil and a 2000 foot elevation. The beautiful Zinfandel from this vineyard yields rich fruit layers and elegant aromas.  We are thrilled to have been working with this fruit since 1991.

Hoffman Lane

Our estate vineyard is located just southwest of Yountville.  The long, cool growing season of this micro-climate yields fruit with vibrant berry flavors.  The Cabernet Sauvignon that we produce from this vineyard is richly textured and reminiscent of the wines of St. Estèphe, the northernmost appellation in Bordeaux

Holbrook Mitchell vineyard

Holbrook Mitchell Vineyard

The Holbrook Mitchell Vineyard is situated in the western hills of Yountville, an AVA since 1999. This site has been continually farmed since 1878 as orchards, dairy, and finally vineyard. The mature vines struggle in shallow soil to yield low quantities of expressive grapes. Cool Marine currents keep the air naturally cooler even on the warmest summer days, allowing the grapes plenty of time to develop distinct flavors that show off the local “terroir

Chavez & Leeds Vineyard

This Certified Organic vineyard was first established in the 1920s.  Located in northern Rutherford, the vineyard has gravely-loam soil and is dry farmed to produce a full bodied, yet elegant Petite Sirah.

The Chavez & Leeds Family Vineyard, which is made up of 40 acres of Rutherford Bench soil, is all organic and completely dry farmed. While Frank feels the most important part of cultivating wine grapes is terroir, he acknowledges that the grower can maximize or minimize the vines' potential. Part of this, he said, is knowing which varieties to plant in which soil, and part is working with nature, not against it.

Read more about Frank Leeds and Chavez & Leeds here.

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Wm. Alston "Otty" Hayne

Hayne Vineyard

Dating back to 1908, this old-vine vineyard is the source of our much sought after Petite Sirah.  This St. Helena vineyard is in gravely soil that was deposited by ancient glaciers.  The head-trained vines yield little fruit, but produce wines with great concentration and power.  The big, bold, dense wines that we produce from this fruit have intense varietal character and an extremely long finish.

Korte Ranch Vineyard

This vineyard is an old planting of Zinfandel just north of St. Helena.  The vines are head-trained and dry farmed, producing wines with vibrant fruit sensation and lavish texture.

korte ranch

Naggiar Vineyard
Mike Naggiar

Naggiar Vineyard

This meticulously farmed, high elevation, vineyard is our favorite non-Napa Valley source.  We produce two delightful southern Rhône inspired wines from this Sierra Foothills' site.

The climate and soil conditions in that area are perfect for growing Mediterranean varietals and the Naggiars planted 50 acres worth under the guidance of their viticulturist, Larry Bradley. Larry is also responsible for connecting Ray and Nancy Coursen with the Naggiars. Mike said he sells grapes to many premium Napa and Sonoma wineries but Elyse Winery is special because it was his second customer and Ray has since become a friend.

Read more about the Naggiars and their vineyard here.