It is no secret Napa Valley is home to a staggering number of world class restaurants and specialty food shops. Several of them are on heavy rotation in Ray’s lunch schedule. Over the years we have asked the chefs at these establishments if they would share some of their favorite dishes with us so that we may match them with our wines and offer them to you. Enjoy!

  Azzurro Pizzeria Speck Pizza Nero Misto
  Farmstead Grass Feed Beef Meatballs
Cheddar Drop Biscuits
C'est Si Bon
  Redd Wood Chocolate Caramel Tart Morisoli Cabernet Sauvignon
  Morimoto Angry Chicken L'Ingenue
  Alex Italian Restaurant Braised Oxtail Morisoli Cabernet Sauvignon
  Caggiano Company Spaghetti & Sausage Morisoli Zinfandel
  Brix Pork Chops Napa Valley Syrah
  Hurley's Corned Beef & Cabbage Mon Chou
  Bistro Don Giovanni Mamma's Meatballs Nero Misto
  Rancho Gordo Pinquitos & Tri-Tip Steak Howell Mountain Zinfandel
  Redd Chicken Puttanesca Barrel Select Petite Sirah
  Bistro Jeanty Coq au vin C'est Si Bon
  Bottega Short Ribs Morisoli Zinfandel
  Mustards Grill Steamed Clams C’est Si Bon

And did you know, both Ray and Nancy are excellent cooks in their own right and love to whip up tasty creations that always match well with Elyse and Jacob Franklin wines? Here are but a few:
  Nancy's Lasagna Bolognese   Morisoli Zinfandel
  Ray's Cioppino   Korte Ranch Zinfandel
  Ray’s Ratatouille   Napa Valley Syrah
  Nancy’s Pasta with Olives   Naggiar Barbera
  Ray’s Lamb Shanks   Hoffman Lane Cabernet Sauvignon
  Nancy’s RB Potatoes   Tietjen Cabernet Sauvignon
  Ray’s Lamb Bolognese   Howell Mountain Zinfandel
  Nancy's Brined Turkey   Sonoma Valley Chardonnay
  Nancy's Apple Sausage Dressing   Le Corbeau

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